Complete Decongestive Therapy Amherst & Clarence, NY

Complete Decongestive Therapy

Complete decongestive therapy (CDT), also referred to as complex decongestive therapy or combined physical therapy is the internationally recognized “gold standard” treatment system for the vast majority of patients affected by lymphedema. Lymphedema is the swelling of an extremity or extremities caused by an abnormal accumulation of protein cells and water molecules in the tissues due to an insufficiency of the lymphatic system. This insufficiency can be due to a developmental abnormality (primary lymphedema) or the result of damage to the lymphatic system (secondary lymphedema) due to surgery, injury, radiation therapy, or infection.

Complete decongestive therapy reduces the swelling by re-routing the fluid and protein molecules to healthy lymph nodes. This is achieved through a combination of manual lymph drainage (MLD), compression therapy, exercises, skin and nail care, and patient education. These modalities are all integral components of CDT.

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