Pain-Free Motion Amherst & Clarence, NY

Pain-Free Motion

The unique approach of pain-free motion helps you quickly regain motion and reduce pain by applying grade 4 and 5 mobilizations to the spine and peripheral joints. These “movements” created by the physical therapists¬†are also known as manipulations, and are very safe and effective when applied correctly. Exercises and stretching are provided along with hands-on treatment to eliminate pain, maximize strength & range of motion. Emphasis is placed on regaining full function as soon as possible. Most patients experience significant improvement in a few sessions.

How is this different from other treatments?

  • The location or source of the pain is determined in the first session, and hands-on care is applied immediately.
  • High-level mobilizations/manipulations are used early in the treatment.
  • Pain is reduced quickly
  • Function is restored as soon as possible often within a few sessions.

If you are dealing with pain, decrease strength and a limited range of motion, perhaps the pain-free motion approach would be helpful to you. Contact Orthosports Physical Therapy in Amherst and Clarence, NY to request an appointment with a physical therapist. Your limitations may be greatly affecting your quality of life now, but we will help get you on the road to recovery as quickly as possible.