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Specializing in Orthopedics,
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Specializing in Orthopedics,
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Rated 4.9/5 based on 217 customer reviews
"I can't stress how happy I am with the rehab. I have received from OrthoSports. Peter has been extremely helpful for a speedy recovery, not only once, but twicce on both my shoulders. The whole team at OrthoSports should be commended for their excellent service on both occasions. I would highly recommend OrthoSports for any rehab. you may need."
Dec 05, 2018
"I received wonderful and very personal care at Orthosports in Amherst. Peter and his staff are super great. This was my second time to this facility. I was very glad when back. Super care, super polite, neat and extremely personal care. Thank you to Peter and his staff."
Nov 14, 2018
"Recently tore my achilles and I was initially worried about playing sports because I am a very active person. Coming here the past two months, I feel like the knowledge of the physical therapists here have helped me make large improvements. I feel confident that I will be back on the field shortly. Although some say this is is a smaller office, this is positive because there are more hands on each patient."
Nov 14, 2018
"Dr. Craig helped me to run again. I was experiencing pain in my exercising prior to my appointment. Craig supplied me with inserts for running shoes and showed me various workouts to perform. I’m so grateful that I went to Orthosports - I would highly recommend them to others. I wish that I had visited them five years ago. "
Nov 02, 2018
"I had knee surgery back in May and was doing PT at another location. My orthopedic recommended aqua therapy at OrthoSports. After the first week of aqua therapy, I noticed a difference in my knee, and I will continue this therapy until my knee is close to 100%. The staff is very friendly, knowledgeable and professional, I felt at ease the first day. I would highly recommend OrthoSports! "
Oct 22, 2018
"Came in with a shoulder injury-pain and limited mobility; left able to soar with eagles! Staff very knowledgeable, courteous, and caring-sensitive to needs. Would, and have, highly recommend."
Sep 27, 2018
"I never had PT, but now I swear by it for a back problem. Do the exercises the PT teaches you at home and it really works! The PT was very pleasant and patient, and always willing to answer all my questions. I highly recommend this place as they are very accommodating!"
Sep 27, 2018
"Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. The exercises worked and whenever I'm feeling stiff and sore I use the exercises they taught me and they work every time! "
Sep 25, 2018
"I first met Donna and Peter in 1991. I was referred to them by my physician following arthroscopic surgery on my shoulder. It became immediately apparent that they were truly concerned about relieving my discomfort and making sure that they provide everything needed to regain both my strength and mobility. They also made me understand that although they were able to provide the plan, it was up to me to follow through with the appointments and home exercises/treatments to successfully complete my rehab. The experience was uncomfortable at times, demanding and a little longer than I had hoped for. But because of their expertise, their encouragement, their kindness and their ability to make you laugh and smile through all of it I realized that this was what it took to successfully complete their plan and I knew that if I ever needed physical therapy again there would be no second thoughts as to where I was going. Since then I have returned for their help with relieving pain in my back, shin, foot and rehab after partial replacements of both of my knees. Over these years I have met and worked with numerous staff members, from the support personnel that greet you to the other therapists and assistant therapist that are now part of the Orthosport team, and it is apparent they are there to provide exactly what was given to me by Donna and Peter over 25 years ago. They are the best, look no further."
Sep 02, 2018
"I came to Orthosports after starting PT at another place for an invasive wrist surgery to remove a cyst that left much scar tissue and very limited mobility and strength. After working with Dr. Peter Young, for several months my wrist began to greatly improve and scar tissue was reduced. I am a graphic designer and photographer and was heading toward very limited mobility with permanent scar tissue damage. Peter was excellent and very understanding and knowledgeable and helped very much in my recovery. It was a wonderful experience and the entire staff was so helpful. After completing my PT for wrist surgery, I continued with therapy treatment for migraine headaches. Suffering for over 35 years with genetic severe migraine, I asked Peter for help for alternative treatments to heavy medication. After an evaluation I told him that I would understand if there was nothing he could do, but he was very understanding and wanted to help. With different therapy options from ASTYM to spine and neck manipulation to other therapy and exercise options he has helped reduce my daily pain for a better quality of life and for that I am truly thankful for his continued effort and help. "
Aug 22, 2018
"8 weeks ago I had a right knee replacement. 6 weeks ago I started PT here 2x's a week, I am really pleased with my improvement. I have gone from 110 to 1130. I also appreciate all the advice I've received about home exercises. Thank you Craig."
Apr 12, 2018
"1. Great place to get a work out. 2. Always on time no waiting. 3. Staff was Great Always a smile on their faces. 4. Will tell all my friends about my PT story. All A+++++++ Not one - 5. As you see they are #1 with me."
Apr 12, 2018
"I recently was diagnosed with a very painful hip flexor. My doctor suggested that I go to physical therapy to help relieve the discomfort and gave me a list of physical therapy locations throughout WNY. I did my homework and made an appointment with Orthosports on Main street in Clarence, NY. I met with Craig Young who reviewed my injury and setup a therapy program to slowly but surely get me back to full mobility. After six weeks of different exercises, stretches, cold and heat packs I'm with out pain and on my way to full recovery. I am very grateful for the great service and patient care that Craig and Orthosports provided me with. They were very professional, courteous, and right on target with my recovery. Bob K. "
Apr 07, 2018
"*Friendly, professional staff *Flexible scheduling *Knowledgable therapists that care about your results *Very pleased with the care and treatment received"
Mar 07, 2018
"I had a torn meniscus in my knee and was recommended by my Dr to do ‘pre-hab’, prior to my arthroscopic surgery, and then rehab, after it. I had my surgery in early January 2018, and 6 weeks later, am happy to report that I am pain free and able to run again. Craig was great and very knowledgeable. It was nice to see my progress each week or so, when he would measure my range of motion. Each week I was able to bend/straighten the knee a little more and seeing the numbers helped mentally with the healing process. I was skeptical that I even needed PT, being a very active person prior to my injury, but I am a believer now! Highly recommend Craig and this facility!"
Mar 05, 2018
"Before PT I had pain in my left shoulder from repetitive motion. While here at PT I was taught by Craig Young on different exercises to strengthen my shoulder all around, and in the process alleviated the constant pain. Thank you for all the help."
Feb 09, 2018
"This is the best place I have ever seen for my spinal stenosis, and the best people I ever met."
Feb 09, 2018
"I had knee surgery in October of 2017 and was recommended to come to Orthosports. My experience was amazing! Craig is the ultimate professional and very knowledgeable in his field. My knee feels amazing thanks to him! Absolutely wonderful experience! I would also like to thank Jay as well. Both of these gentlemen make coming here so worth while! Thank You!"
Jan 18, 2018
"I have gone to Orthosports for at least 12 years whenever I need PT. I have found them to be extremely helpful and knowledgeable about my needs. I have recommended them to anyone who needs therapy. For one break I needed the pool and what a great experience that was. They take the time to get to know and understand their patients as individuals and you get to know them as well. Hopefully I won't need to go there again too soon, but if something happens to me, they are definitely 5 stars.."
Dec 06, 2017
"Came in with a severe [Ankle] sprain. I'm stronger than ever. The entire staff was amazing especially Craig. Very Patient but also pushed me."
Dec 04, 2017
"I had sprained my left knee playing tennis. While nursing my knee I test tode my bike for my daughter and fell on the same knee making it worse. I saw Craig for PT and he explained my injury as well as showing me the exercises I need to strengthen my knee. After 2 weeks me knee has improved greatly. Thank You Craig!"
Nov 27, 2017
"Came in with feet and leg pain, and pain in the lower back. After PT I no longer have any of the pain. Great place to come and great people to work with. Thanks to All."
Nov 27, 2017
"When I walked in, I was 90 years old (at least I felt like it!). I was in state of being out of balance unable to support myself. I was very shaky and unstable. I met Ms. Jackie (my heaven sent) and she made sure I got this magical heat treatment and stretches that brought my muscles back to youth and balance I use to be in such pain and walked with a limp. My goal set was to run and know I can run thanks to Ms. Jackie. "
Nov 21, 2017
"When I first came to Orthosports, I was walking with a limp, unable to walk up or down the stairs and unable to do the exercises in the stay fit county program. Now with all the help suggestions and care of all the personnel I am able to walk stairs, finish the exercises and walk without a limp. I am thankful!"
Nov 16, 2017
"My experience was a complete success. My hands feel so much better even though it is not the same but much better."
Nov 16, 2017
"The therapist was very nice and friendly. I was in a lot of pain on my low back and now it is much better. Overall, I feel good. The service was great."
Nov 16, 2017
"Overall, it was a great experience. They are helpful, take time to understand patient’s condition. However, it was only for two weeks due to insurance coverage but the therapist showed me some stretches that would help me in the future. Thanks for helping me with my pain. I look forward to seeing you all again. Thanks!"
Nov 13, 2017
"I will be taking my last session here and leaving with my back feeling 99% better than when I first came in. I also learned exercise that should keep me in good shape. Thank You."
Nov 08, 2017
"I came to Orthosports 2 weeks after having a total knee replacement. I found the staff very knowledgeable as well as very personable. My results have been fantastic as I now feel as if I'm walking "normally" I can't wait to take a long bike ride with my grandchildren!"
Nov 07, 2017
"Pain in my right butt (Sciatica?) and stiff. First, right hip went to a chiropractor which helped a lot but your Rx and exercises greatly increased relief of stiffness and discomfort when walking. Second, a lot discomfort in upper right arm. I think I wrenched it while pulling open our front door which has strong suction. I'm no longer squezing the muscle to make it feel better. Only upward reaching is still a bother but, hopefully, that will loosen more too. The for at home exercises are just right. If there was 8 I'll probably wouldn't have stuck to the regime. Heat 30 minutes after is my reward!"
Nov 07, 2017
"I came to Orthosports two weeks after having a total knee replacement. I found the staff very knowledgeable as well as very personable. My results have been fantastic. I now feel as if I'm walking "normal". I can't wait to take a long bike ride with my grandchildren."
Nov 07, 2017
"My first experience at a Physical therapy center couldn't have been any better. The therapist's knowledge and care made me feel at ease and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Craig for all the great job he did in taking me through this recovery path. I would sincerely recommend Orthosports to anyone who needs and requires that special attention."
Nov 07, 2017
"In the summer of '17 I was told to have PT on my shoulder and neck by my Primary Dr. I was skeptical at first. I had 20 PT sessions and the problem is totally gone now [no pain or numbness down my arm]. I should have started this sooner. Thank you Craig and all the staff at Orthosports."
Nov 07, 2017
"Peter did a phenomenal job helping our 15 year old Giant Goalie Son get over a nasty ankle sprain and back on the ice. The treatment helped a great deal. We're grateful for the work done and would highly recommend anyone in need of PT to look you folks up. Thanks very much."
Nov 06, 2017
"Came here for help with both of my shoulders. Limited movement with out pain. Through my time here (5 weeks twice a week) my range has increased greatly, allowing me to perform daily task with out pain! I feel confident that continuing my exerciseswill help to keep the pain away and if I need a refresher I will not hesitate to come back to OrthoSports. Thank You !!!"
Nov 05, 2017
"The experinece has been very beautiful for my vertigo. I was not able to do the up and down movements but know it is much better. My neck is now more mobile."
Nov 05, 2017
"I have been coming to OrthoSports since 2002. Have had several surgeries from ankle reconstruction, arthroscopic, left lnee replacement, dislocated shoulder, right knee replacemet and a fractured femur. Through all, Peter and Donna and linda and Jay have helped me through therapy and exercises to gain my stregth back and rehabilitated me to fully enjoy life and have given me lots of confidence in everyday activities, witch include chasing and playing with my 5 grandchildren."
Nov 05, 2017
"I had sciatic nerve issues on the right leg that work me up at night. The therapy I received pleased the pain up in a matter of a few weeks. Very pleasant and capable staff took over and got me my way and now I can sleep all night."
Oct 31, 2017
"I first came in with a very bad right knee was very sore (cartilage, could not move well) problem. The progress I have made in the last six weeks is amazing! I do leg exercises, ride a stationary bike for up to 20 minutes with no more pain. The only thing I deal with now is arthritis but the knee is all well once again thanks to OrthoSports. Thanks for making me feel better again! I highly recommend this place to anyone who needs physical therapy."
Oct 31, 2017
"The beginning of therapy I was not in the best shape physically. Through the help of OrthoSports, Dr. Peter Young and Dr. Jacqueline Davidson, this came a long way. i am now doing great all around on my performance in physical therapy. I thank everyone here for their great help."
Oct 31, 2017
"I came here 4 weeks ago, at the time I had problems with walking any distance and standing for a period of time was very difficult and painful. With the help of the staff, I have gained a lot of balance and I can walk better and less painful. In addition, I can now perform my work at home better and stand for long periods. The staff is very caring and wonderful. Thanks to everyone."
Oct 31, 2017
"I had back surgery in April 2017. I have two objectives to overcome with the help of Physical Therapy: 1. Walking in a straight up posture. 2. Endurance ability while walking. After several weeks of Physical Therapy, I have seen improvement in my number one objective. Due to Physical Therapy, targeting my lower back, hips and posture with leaning backward while walking for better positioning. To date, we are still working on objective number two. "
Oct 31, 2017
"I came to therapy after shoulder surgery my arm was stiff and swollen. Started therapy right away and started new exercise each time I came. Each week, I was tired at the end of therapy. Since my surgery in April, I adjust and feel much better. I can do whatever I want. Everyone was kind and helpful."
Oct 31, 2017
"1 Fell off my bike 2 Hurt My shoulder 3 PT helped me return to full motion with right shoulder 4 Craig Young is very good to work with"
Oct 30, 2017
"I came to PT after injuring my calf muscle while playing pickle ball. Craig worked with me in learning active stretching exercises and agility drills to train my leg muscles for the movements needed in pickle ball. After 2 weeks I have resumed playing pickle ball at full speed and I could not be happier."
Oct 24, 2017
"I was having dizziness due to vertigo. I saw Dr. Craig Young for one treatment that cleared it up completely. He did a quick test, explained the type of vertigo I had, and then performed the treatment. So far, the vertigo hasn't returned."
Oct 24, 2017
"I came to Orthosports with a left knee issue. The therapy and activities provided by Craig definitely helped improve my pain level and mobility. I would definitely recommend using this Physical Therapy facility."
Oct 24, 2017
"First, I was feeling that I just start with PT, but now that I was told that my PT is ending today October 13, 2017 and my pain is still at 65% or 70% getting better and the rest of the percent is still bad. I wish that my insurance would authorize more PT so that I can feel 100% free of pain. All activities I went through with my PT doctor were showing an improvement, as I was now able to go up the stairs with 70% without pain. I could be able to bend down and come up without more pain. I would like my BCBS to authorize more PT up to complete healing of my right knee. If not, I would like my no fault insurance to take over and continue my PT with Doctor Jacqueline Davidson. "
Oct 18, 2017
"After over 6 months of medications and chiropractic appointments, my back was less, but I was having difficulty with any activities such as climbing stairs, standing for more than a few minutes(dish washing) or carrying anything (even my purse). Within a few weeks, I was seeing great improvement in my stamina. I have much more muscle tone and much less daytime and nighttime pain. I can walk even up a hill about ½ a block long with ease. I was treated with respect and courtesy at all times, on phone and premises."
Oct 18, 2017
"When I started, I had extreme pain in my wrist when I move my thumb outward or inward on something. I had difficultly on minor task like combing hair and brushing teeth, tying shoes etc. I have regained about 85% mobility without pain. Able to do most tasks with minimum pain. Still have extreme pain if I overextend or bump it."
Oct 18, 2017
"Second time here. First time for ACL and now for hip replacement (right hip). Linda, Donna and Peter such cheerleaders. Always positive and encouraging. You can ask “personal” questions without feeling as if you were being judged. I am able to put on my sock on right foot and do the stairs- left right steps. I have and will continue to recommend this place."
Oct 18, 2017
"My experience with Dr. Jackie was awesome. She was very gentle with me and she always asked how I was feeling while working on me. I am able to bend my neck more and I am not in as much pain as I was when I started, my muscles feel much looser. I'm very excited to have come to Orthosports. Thank you Dr. Jackie, and hopefully if I have to come back, hands down , I will, and refer her to others!"
Oct 11, 2017
"I had trouble lifting my arm to brush my hair, reach into a cupboard to get a cup, carrying anything with right arm, vacuuming, driving, carrying a cup of coffee, sleeping. I can now do most of these things much easier and I am working to get much better, I appreciate all the help you have given me to get so much better! Thank You!"
Oct 10, 2017
"For years, I had problems with my legs recently it has gotten worse. About 5 years ago I had Left hip replacement. Again my left hip started to hurt and I went back to my doctor and gotten a shot in my left hip. At that time, I complained to him about my legs and how much they hurt. He said I should see a therapist it could be involved with my back. My brother and daughter had both gone to see Dr. Peter with excellent results I decided to go there. With heat treatments and various other treatments, my legs are now healed again. It took about six to seven weeks. I am not exactly sure but I do know it is like a miracle. I am so grateful to Dr. Peter and Linda. Thank You so much."
Oct 09, 2017
"When I started my therapy, I had severe pain (7-8) in my right upper arm. I had difficulty doing simple daily activities that involved any kind of lifting or moving with my arm; things like pouring coffee into a mug and then lifting it to drink! I needed assistance to prepare meals because I could not lift dishes, pans etc.. It turned out that I had pinched nerves in my neck shown on an MRI. After the 1st week of therapy, they started with heat followed by traction and a stim. My pain level decreased quite a bit (4-5). In addition, of some exercises to do at home as well as the ones I learned at therapy. My strength also improved quite a bit and I was able to resume many of my activities. After a month my pain was only a (2-3), then dropped to almost nothing. My strength has improved better than before I started! I would highly recommend OrthoSports Physical Therapy for the professional, courteous and friendly staff, always available to help and advice. "
Oct 05, 2017
"When I came here, I was in a great deal of pain (right knee cartilage) and thought arthroscopic surgery was inevitable! However, upon the recommendation of orthopedic surgeon I came here. After 10 visits, I am pain-free! I had difficulty walking etc...and that has resolved completely. "
Oct 05, 2017
"I had issues standing, could not do stairs and was not able to walk long distances; unable to continue running at all. Slowly with more visits, I was able to do all the above by my last visit. My knee feels strong! The staff was great as always willing to listen and help with any issues have had."
Oct 05, 2017
"I am walking a lot better. My husband says I walk a lot more distances then before I started Physical Therapy. I feel ten times better."
Oct 05, 2017
"In the beginning, my pain level was a 15 from a 1-10. After 6 weeks, my pain level was an 8-9. After returning to work, the pain went back to 10 on my knee. Therefore, after 3 months of working, I came back to aqua therapy while working and coming to physical therapy my level is a six on most days. I hate to leave but I had 12 weeks during once a year. I hope that this has prevented me from having knee surgery. In addition, the staff is great, friendly, professional and fun. I will miss them."
Oct 05, 2017
" Before I started physical therapy, I was on able to hold and grasp items. I had severe pain is a especially with activities, difficulty writing, moving arm and on able to sleep through the night because of pain. With stim, strengthening exercises and stretching I have gained a lot of strength and my pain has decreased. I am able to tolerate some repetitive movements without pain."
Sep 29, 2017
" Two weeks ago today August 7, 2017 my right shoulder popped out while fooling around with my brother at home. I went to UBMD since my shoulder was a very sore. Since coming to OrthoSports my shoulder is not in pain anymore. The exercises are super helpful and I have kept up with them at home ."
Sep 29, 2017
"Like my previous PT experience (post knee surgery). I arrived with pain and limited motion and I am leaving with little pain and full range of motion. Age and aging cannot be defeated, but at least I am not giving into it. I will miss the Tuesday and Thursday routine!"
Sep 29, 2017
"I coach and play field hockey and was on unable to even grip a stick when I first started with Dr.Young. He consistently challenge me to strength my shoulder so that I can return to the field pain-free. The process took some time but each of my visits were enjoyable. The staff are extremely friendly and the other patients were as well."
Sep 29, 2017
"I arrived with a pain of number 10 and up to now I feel less pained at the number of 2-3. They have treated me excellent really good attention. Thank You."
Sep 27, 2017
"My first visit to the office, I arrived with 10 out of 10 pain. After Therapy, my pain went down to a 2 or 3. At this office, I have only received excellent attention!"
Sep 19, 2017
"Donna is one of the bets PT's to work with children. My son is very busy and can be non-cooperative. During my son's many personality displays she has always maintained professionalism and patience. Thank you for making this period of time helpful and pleasureable."
Sep 13, 2017
"When I came in I could not get in or out of a car without physically lifting my leg with my hands. Rolling over and getting out of bed gave me a pain in my upper thigh and hip. I was always aware of a dull ache and was hearing from others that I probably needed a hip replacement. When Linda used the ASTYM on my leg, I was almost sorry I came. It hurt like a bugger but it certainly helped as well as all the exercises they had me do. I really don't even think about my leg anymore. Huge improvement! Linda & Donna were great!"
Sep 13, 2017
"When I came in I was having neck and back issues.I was having facial tingling and pressure in my head. It had been taking a real tole on my life and making day to day activities stressful. After a few weeks of treatment and exercises, the pressure and pain has almost relieved itself 100%. For the first time in years i went a week without symptoms. I never realized how much of my personal life was affected by this."
Sep 08, 2017
"I came for therapy due to vertigo. i was unable to do simple movements and it was exhausting. Thanks to Craig, by my third visit, the dizziness was gone and I am able to function normally through my day and have even started working out again."
Aug 30, 2017
"I was honestly surprised at how much PT helped me. I had a lot of pain in my left knee. Stairs were very difficult, both up and down. Getting up from the toilet was painful as well. It was also painful when I had to sit in the car for extended periods of time for long distance trips. I can now do stairs with very little or no discomfort. Getting up from the toilet seat is much more comfortable. And- I drove/ride in my car for 3800 miles during our ten-day vacation with minimal discomfort. Craig was my therapist and I would recommend him highly."
Aug 28, 2017
"When I came to Orthosports, I had to walk awkwardly to avoid pain in both my knees. After 5 weeks, I was back to backpacking 12 miles a day in Vermont. Craig, who was my physical therapist, was a huge help in achieving my summer goals and a great guy. Thanks so much for the help!"
Aug 18, 2017
"I was in a lot of pain when I started Physical Therapy back in June. After a few therapy sessions, I have been feeling much better. I can say Therapy has been a lot of help for me, not to mention about the friendly staff in the office. If I ever need Physical Therapy in the future, I won't hesitate to go back to the same place."
Aug 16, 2017
"I had pain in my shoulder-couldn't sleep. Came to Orthosports PT. After only 2-3 weeks [I] felt a lot better seeing great results each week. Thanks to Dr. [Craig] Young and staff. Feeling Great! I highly recommend this office!"
Aug 15, 2017
"I have been to OrthoSports several times and each time I walk through the door I know that I will be well taken care of. It's like a healing experience. Two months ago I experienced terrible pain in my leg and it hurt to walk or sit and cross my legs. After two months of therapy I was pain free. I purchased a pair of sturdy sneakers and orthodontics to help give my feet more support. Dr. Peter Young and staff are very knowledgeable and very friendly. If I ever need physical therapy again, this is my go to place."
Aug 09, 2017
"Before coming to PT my neck and back muscles were tense. I had trouble with exercises at work and doing simple chores at home. My experience here at Orthosports I learned neck stretches that helped me and other exercises that made me feel more relaxed and get rid of the kinks. I feel better than I did compared to when I came in!"
Aug 08, 2017
"Before my PT sessions, I had difficulty walking, climbing stairs, sitting, or any other activity involving my right knee. I had hurt it while hiking a portion of the Appalachian trail and was having a hard time healing on my own. After my two PT sessions, I no longer felt any pain and can now freely move my knee. Thank You for all of your help!"
Aug 07, 2017
"I am walking a lot better, and my husband said I walk a lot more distances. I feel 10 times better."
Aug 07, 2017
"I called Orthosports because I was having foot pain due to my foot bunions. Craig, my PT, was very professional and knowledgeable. He taught me many exercises to strengthen my foot muscles. I am no longer in pain and am very happy with the results!"
Aug 07, 2017
"I came in with lower left back pain that would occur when I pitched and hit. After being given an exercise to fix the issue my pain slowly would decrease and I was able to pitch more and more with slight to no pain."
Aug 07, 2017
"Craig Young for a young guy was excellent. Good listener, knowledgeable, patient. Jay was very informative, said not to push thru the hurt. Right knee getting better, left a lost cause. Only gave 4 stars because would have liked to have used more gym equipment, and exercises."
Jul 18, 2017
"Repeat customer after several surgeries. The staff at Orthosports is competent, friendly, accommodating, and gets the job done with no hassles. They understand my goals and capabilities and help me work toward those goals and within my capabilities. Appointments are convenient and my time is not wasted."
Jul 17, 2017
"It has been a great experience. Would definitely recommend to other people"
Jul 14, 2017
"I started going to OrthoSports by mistake. A mistake im glad i made. i contacted another PT office 3x, never heard back.. Got an answer here the first time. I have never gone to any health care facility where i have felt more welcomed each visit. Many times you deal with someone who is putting in time untill the next pay day..Not here. Dr. Davidson and Omeyra in the Buffalo office are the best..They do what they do from the heart each day and you can tell in the service you receive....I will never go any where else for PT."
Jul 11, 2017
"The Doctor and his staff were very professional in their service to me as a patient. They introduced new and helpful techniques to bring me to a healing CRESCENDO! I enjoyed each sesession. MyThanks to all and God Bless ALL!!!!!"
Jul 10, 2017
Jul 09, 2017
"I did not completely get rid of my pain, but the exercises they gave me to do have helped a lot."
Jul 04, 2017
"It was a wonderful exciting experience. Everyone in the Harlem Road office were very professional. They used a variety of techniques to heal my knee. I am grateful to all and thank you very much ! Blessings to all!!!"
Jun 27, 2017
"Had a powerful experience. The doctor and his staff were very professional they exceeded my expectations of my recovery and for that I'm grateful. Thank you Dr. and staff of the Harlem Road office. Blessings to ALL!!!!"
Jun 27, 2017
"I have been going to OrthoSports on and off since 2000 when I started after a knee injury. Peter and his team have always delivered on what I have needed to recover from activity related issues ever since. I am an older man who tries to stay active and healthy through running, biking, skiing, weight lifting, and other. I tend at times to forget my age, to stretch, and to do certain activities properly as not to cause issues. Over the years I have been in to see Peter for leg, shoulder, arm, neck, and back issues. For many of these, they have used ASTYM. When I had arm pain and some hand numbness from lifting, I went to see an Orthopod and they did tests but really offered nothing else. When I went to see Peter, he took the time to do a good assessment and then offered the ASTYM treatment. When I saw that it entailed rubbing a glass rod on a specific area that had been lubricated with cocoa butter, I thought to myself what kind of “snake oil” treatment was this. To my surprise, after a relatively low number of treatments, the issues went away and have not come back. I was amazed. He has used this same treatment to address other activity related issues on my legs and other, and each time I am able to get in and out and fixed in just a few weeks. Not only does he treat the current issue, but he gives me exercises, stretches to do, and advice to help keep me from having future issues with that part of my body. I suppose treatment results vary from person to person based on many factors, but for me, when I have an issue that I need addressed quickly so I can stay active, I see Peter and team at OrthoSports!"
Jun 13, 2017
"Best place for physical therapy!! Staff is extremely dedicated to helping all the patients. Nice friendly atmosphere - you won't find any place wth more conscientious staff."
Jun 13, 2017
"The staff was professional, friendly and informative. I had great results and was given advice on how to maintain my back and avoid injury in the future."
Jun 09, 2017
"My experience at Ortho Sports has been very positive from the time I arrive to the time I leave the clinic. The receptionists are always friendly, courteous and helpful in scheduling my appointments. The therapists are always professional making sure that I am comfortable when doing my exercises. I also sense that they sincerely care regarding my physical progress which I have been making. Any questions that I may have are always answered fully. I have no reservations in recommending Ortho Sports to anyone who may have a need for their services."
Jun 04, 2017
"Very patient and insightful. Would highly recommend anyone with recovering injuries pay a visit."
Jun 01, 2017
"Very professional and friendly. Craig Young and the rest of the team at the Clarence office have tons of experience and are very knowledgeable. My knee is feeling much, much better now. Thank you for all your help!"
May 28, 2017
"Great place I enjoyed my time. Dr.Jacqueline Davidson was really good to work with and I feel alot better.Everyone at the Buffalo office was nice, I would come back again if I need to."
May 25, 2017
"They are really good at their job. Omayra the secretary is fantastic and Jacqueline the Physical Therapist is good. Very Welcoming office!!"
May 23, 2017
"Facilitator was very attentive to my specific need. Jacqueline provided me with very informed details of the recovery process for my injury.Excellent care taker. Highly recommended."
May 23, 2017
"The therapist Steve was extremely professional and knowledgeable regarding the treatment of TMJ . If I ever need therapy again I will definitely choose Orthosports. The environment was very friendly."
May 20, 2017
"After going to Dent Neurology with no success and no real diagnosis other than to say my light headed symptom was caused from stress, my new general practitioner suggested PT. Craig was wonderful and diagnosed my condition as needing vestibular balance retraining. After several weeks, I am feeling so much better. I have a few triggers here and there but Craig came up with so many ways to challenge me to get where I am. When I thought there was no hope, and Craig has heard me say that, he assured me there was hope and it was a process. He did it! I am thankful that Craig took care of me in his friendly and professional manner!!"
May 10, 2017
"For the past month or two I went to Craig at orthosports in Williamsville due to me being unable to fully use my shoulder, after a few weeks Craig had me doing exercises in the office and at home and I immediately started seeing improvement, he was very nice and it was all very one on one and everything was based on your needs. I'm back to using the shoulder normally and I couldn't be more happy."
Apr 26, 2017
"Everyone was very friendly and knowledgeable. Great place to have PT and I would highly recommend it to anyone!"
Apr 25, 2017
"Dr.Jacjie is great and she knows her job.I love how she works with me.If I could go 5 days a week I would go!! Physical Therapyhas help my back and legs."
Apr 24, 2017
"show concern for patients...make you feel comfortable through communication and conversation...therapy is efficient and effective...staff are a pleasure to work with..."
Apr 17, 2017
"I enjoyed the service to a quick recovery Loved the staff"
Apr 15, 2017
"The facility is clean, comfortable, and well equipped. Craig is a fantastic physical therapist. He's very good at explaining why certain things matter and how body parts affect each other, not just "do this because I said so." He understands that people aren't perfect, so I never felt guilty or judged for admitting that I'd forgotten something he said to do. He gave me the ideal (and impossible) instructions, then gave me the shorter, more manageable list to focus on. My experience with Orthosports was great. It's made a huge difference in my back pain. I highly recommend them."
Apr 11, 2017
"If you're nervous about doing PT, you don't have to be when you come to OrthoSports. They go at your pace, while still getting you to your goal. I had a severed tendon in my foot and within just a few weeks, I was up and walking again. Dr. Young was always very personable, patient, and encouraging. Also, each time, he'd share a little knowledge about the techniques he was using, why they work, and what they do for your body. I felt like the staff knew me, and that they were hoping for the best for me. Definitely professional, but caring at the same time. As I told them on my way out, they literally got me back on my feet again. And for that, I will be forever grateful."
Mar 30, 2017
"I had physical therapy with Dr.Jacqueline Davidson,PT, DPT. She was knowledgeable,mannerable and just plain awsome.I worked with her for 4 weeks and now I feel great.I would recommend her to family and friends. She is located at 833 Michigan Ave Suite 301 Buffalo NY 14203."
Mar 28, 2017
"I recently experienced excruciating pain...only at night...down the right side of my right leg. The pain prevented me from sleeping, and forced me to get out of bed and walk around the house each night. I ended up sleeping in a chair for several nights. Dr. Donna Gulick did an evaluation, and immediately suspected it was my IT band (iliotibial). She treated it that very day in three different ways, and that same night I slept through the night with no pain. I faithfully did the exercises she gave me to keep this band stretched, saw Dr. Gulick for one more treatment and have not had a problem since. I am grateful for the careful way Dr. Gulick listened to my situation, her immediate treatment, and her confident release of me to be on my way. I have absolutely no reservations in recommending OrthoSportsPT."
Mar 28, 2017
"Excellent PT experience. I saw Dr. Peter Young for rehabilitation, after surgery on my ankle to repair a torn ligament. I never felt rushed and Peter spent significant time, each visit, walking me thru the exercises and thoroughly answering my questions. He and his team, were constantly available and personable. Peter always tailored my appointments, to my progress, and I am very happy to say that I am able to run again, without any issues. I would happily return to this office, if the need ever arose and would highly recommend this office to anyone else looking for physical therapy."
Mar 24, 2017
"I have had the need for ASTYM to both of my feet, and Peter and Jelani could not have been nicer. The first time I was a little apprehensive about what to expect, but what a relief to finally be able to walk pain free!!!!! When my other foot started to show the same signs I got into the office quicker and it was worth it. I am now walking without any pain and would recommend OrthoSports to help get your feet back :)"
Mar 14, 2017
"Peter was awesome he always took the time to explain what he was doing and what impact that it should have on my injury. They also made sure that I had no adverse pain other than the therapy itself. I would highly recommend orthosports to any one of my friends and colleagues. They take the time to give you excellent service while also keeping in mind your personal schedule."
Mar 10, 2017
"I came to PT because I had an ankle sprang and buised ligaments in my foot from an injury while playing basketball. I did strengthening exercises twice a week for two weeks and it made a huge difference! The therapist there taught me how to better balance my footwork and how to land better on my feet when jumping up for rebounds. This was a valuable learning experience and I really liked the staff. They were super nice and helpful. Thank you Orthosports!"
Mar 10, 2017
"I am a repeat patient at Orthosports for physical therapy after two totally unrelated serious surgeries, rotator cuff and most recently knee replacement. Under the care of Dr. Peter Young and Jelani, I have experienced major relief from pain and have had success in learning to walk all over again through professional evaluations and ongoing progressive exercises and treatments to continuously enable me to improve with each physical therapy experience. The entire staff is not only knowledgeable, but dedicated to making you whole again. The atmosphere is like being part of a wonderful family. I am grateful for my recovery and the friendships I have made. I absolutely recommend Orthosports!"
Mar 09, 2017
"I have been receiving PT services for the past 6 weeks at Orthosports on Michigan Ave. in downtown Buffalo for pain associated with a herniated and slipped disc. Dr. Jacqueline, who I work with there, is amazing! I had been disenchanted with other PT services I've used in the past and was hesitant to try another...I'm SO glad I gave Orthosports and Dr. Jacque a try. I have received so much relief, enough that I can avoid what seemed to be inevitable surgery (at least for the time being). Not only has my pain improved, but Dr. Jacque and the entire staff are wonderful to work with and I never feel ignored or rushed. My outlook is much more positive without the pain, and with the knowledge that I have the support of the downtown Orthosports team. Thanks!"
Mar 03, 2017
"I went in with a pretty sore leg, due to a muscle sprain (or strain) which had been bad for over two months. After 9 sessions with Craig and Jay the pain has almost completely gone. Just get a little "tweak" now and then. Thanks to their excellent treatment I feel just about back to normal. They definitely pinpointed what my problem was and thanks to their efforts and direction the pain is gone mostly. Very pleased with my therapy and Orthosports in particular, very excellent operation and also people there are terrific."
Feb 18, 2017
"I came to OrthoSports with a pretty bad case of tennis elbow, which curtailed my tennis playing due to the pain and injury to the tendon. I found OrthoSports because of their use of the Astym treatment for this type of injury. Working with Craig Young was a great experience from the outset as he gave me confidence that the injury could be healed 100% through treatment and exercise and that has certainly been the case. He fully explained the condition to me and developed exercises that simulated the strokes I would use in tennis. After about six weeks, i'm ready to get back to it with full strength in the tendon and no pain. I'm very happy with the results I received from Craig and OrthoSports and would highly recommend them."
Feb 12, 2017
"Physical therapy provided me with great relief from a continuous lower back problem. Staff is very professional, knowledgeable, they made it a comfortable experience. Would not hesitate to go back if needed and would highly recommend them."
Jan 22, 2017
"This is the second time I have relied on Orthosports for rehab after having a knee replacement, and both times they have done an outstanding job of giving me the information I wanted, of pushing me to make sure I got the maximum benefit from my new knee, and being sensitive to my pain and discomfort."
Jan 19, 2017
"Donna is an extremely talented physical therapist! I can't say enough about her. I first went to OrthoSports in 2014 while recovering from surgery due to breast cancer. After the surgery, I ended up with axillary web syndrome. This left me unable to lift my arm. Donna was truly amazing as she continually reassured me that I was going to me okay. As she provided therapy, she would share her knowledge, making me feel at ease. She gained my trust on that very first day. She not only helped me get my range of motion back, but also helped me work through the pain. I glowingly recommend this place and the highly skilled staff. I have such respect for the work they do at OrthoSports. Donna always asked the right questions that helped the treatment she provided to be tailored to my specific needs. I always looked forward to going to therapy because of the caring and professional staff and how Donna always made me feel so comfortable. Thank you Donna for helping me (and my family) through this challenging time."
Jan 12, 2017
"Their stretches and exercises helped me with my back pain. Very friendly and knowledgeable."
Jan 09, 2017
"I knew something was wrong with my shoulder when I had trouble playing catch with my grandkids last summer. I talked to my primary doctor and he said it was my rotator cuff and I could try seeing a physical therapist. When I first saw Peter, after a brief exam, he not only told me what was wrong but explained what a rotator cuff was. After two weeks my range of motion began to improve and by the fifth week was almost back to where it should be. We are now working on keeping it in good shape and strengthening it. I had never been to a physical therapist before but I am glad I went. Besides doing an excellent job Peter and the staff of Ortho Sports PT answered all my questions, never seemed to be in a hurry and gave me the information I needed to continue my recovery after our time together was complete. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for physical therapy."
Jan 06, 2017
"have had many areas worked on and at times multiple ones at the same time and keeping coming back to great service."
Jan 04, 2017
"Very thankful for orthosports! After undergoing cervical spine surgery, due to an automobile accident, I was having such a difficult time regaining proper balance and coordination while waiting for the bones to heal in my neck and spine. The Surgeon informed me that I would need physical therapy, and was given a list of various places to go. I chose the Buffalo office of OrthoSports, at 833 Michigan Ave, and attended sessions there two times a week, for a number of weeks till it was time for me to follow-up with my surgeon. Dr. Moreland noticed that I am walking better , also, my balance and coordination are a getting better as well after attending those sessions with Dr. Jaquie at OrthoSports. My surgeon suggested that I continue with the same physical therapist at orthoSports and was given another written referral to go until my next follow -up appointment, which is two months from now.The people there are very nice, and even the receptionist makes feel comfortable when you first walk in the door. My 2017 is starting off great, thanks to OrthoSports."
Jan 01, 2017
"Staff was very helpful,skillful and professional . Would highly recommend this service."
Jan 01, 2017
"Great staff, professional, very helpful. After meeting with the staff for the first time, I was more at ease to return. Great place to come."
Dec 29, 2016
"I was really skeptical that PT was going to cure my shoulder problems; I was convinced I needed surgery. The therapists are so knowledgeable and spend the time with you that you need to understand what's going on with your body and what's necessary to correct it. I have the knowledge and tools to make the small adjustments in daily living to avoid future injuries and surgery. Very happy with the service here!"
Dec 21, 2016
"Dr. Peter Young is wonderful! He is very kind, considerate, and listens to your needs. I went in with knee pain and the it was very knowledgable and helpful. I never had to wait and treatment was effective. I recommend family and friends!"
Dec 21, 2016
"SUCH a great place! This was my first time doing physical therapy for a neck condition I've had for over ten years. I thought exercising was enough but after a bad flare up, I decided physical therapy was the way to go. I was referred here by a coworker and am SO glad she did! I felt so much more optimistic after one week of therapy than I had in one decade of trying it on my own. Everyone was so helpful, caring and professional, I can't imagine going anywhere else now! I would recommend them to anyone looking for any type of physical therapy. Not only is their service amazing, their wait time is non-existent. When you schedule a 5:45 appointment, you're seen at or before 5:45! That's one of the most refreshing things about their service, they appreciate your time is valuable and accommodate you any way they can. I'll be bummed when my visit frequency diminishes. Such caring people!"
Dec 19, 2016
"I've been dealing with forearm tendinitis for years, finally decided to book an appointment with Craig, and I am already seeing a lot of progress only two weeks into treatment. Craig knows his stuff and is a good listener. The entire staff in general has been very helpful!"
Dec 15, 2016
"c Craig treated me at Williamsville OrthoSports site for heel spur/planter fasciitis. Very knowledgeable, professional, good listener; gearing each session to specific pain site with ultimate success. I would highly recommend as did my BMG podiatrist; due to high rate of improvement he has seen. thank you. Jelani was also helpfull"
Dec 11, 2016
"Peter, Jelani, and the staff at Orthosports are amazing. After being injured for more than one year, I came to Orthosports. Peter has helped improve my flexibility as well as help to reduce my pain. He always answers my many questions and makes suggestions that he think will be beneficial. The staff members are always so kind and helpful. I love Orthosports and highly recommend them!"
Dec 09, 2016
"my experience was good my knee feel new"
Dec 06, 2016
"The staff at Orthosports is THE BEST! Their knowledge of choosing the right combination of exercises for office and home has always corrected my different injuries/pains that I have had since they opened in 1989! This time I was treated for shoulder pain at the Amherst location. I improved noticeably each week. Great care. I highly recommend Peter and his staff at Orthosports."
Dec 06, 2016
"I have been to Orthosports twice in Amherst and both times it was pleasant.The second time I was very nervous because of knee problem but Peter had made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. The employees are all very friendly and caring. I differently would recommend to anyone to go to Orthosports for any physical therapy that they need.i differently would come back here. Thanks everyone at Orthosports for making my therapy pleasant."
Dec 06, 2016
"I love Orthosports! I go to the Harlem rd location and highly recommend them! I am recovering from a right total knee replacement and the team at Orthosports is helping me get my life back! The team pushes you and gives you the tools and guidance to take control of your recovery. They celebrate your successes and encourage you when you feel down. At 33 going through a total knee replacement has been extremely difficult and I don't think I could do it without the Orthosports team! Thank you so much for taking such great care of me and helping me get my new knee up and running!!!!"
Dec 02, 2016
"Thanks to Jalani & Craig for all of their assistance, support & advice."
Nov 29, 2016
"I came to Orthosports before my first knee replacement, recuperated after the surgery and repeated the process with the second knee. I recommend that anyone preparing for this surgery consider pre and post therapy if they want to have a speedy and complete recovery. The team at Orthosports is so professional and helpful to everyone and the atmosphere is amazing! Peter, Donna, and the entire staff are ready to help you and are always involved with their patients. I am so happy my doctor recommended Orthosports for me.."
Nov 29, 2016
"Craig was very nice and helpful. Highly recommended."
Nov 28, 2016
"I am currently going to the Buffalo facility for my torn Achilles. As someone who is very active working with Dr. Davidson has put me on the path to getting back into being physically active again. She is very knowledgeable, and has been very helpful in my recovery."
Nov 18, 2016
"i had a minor back problem and my doctor recommended orthosports. I'm glad I was able to have a few sessions. Peter & Linda were very helpfull. I would highly recommend this facility."
Nov 16, 2016
"I came in with knee pain. Peter asked how I injured my knee and the type of pain I was having. After 2 weeks of treatment I was a little frustrated because I was still having some of my original knee problems. Peter explained to me that it does at times take longer for the knee to respond. After about 4 weeks of treatment, a lot of my pain and stiffness went away. They care about you and explain the treatment and what to expect. This is my fourth time at Orthosports. I recommend them to everyone I know. I would not go anywhere else."
Oct 28, 2016
"My experience with Jackie at the Buffalo location has been great! I suffered a lower back injury due to a car accident and receiving physical therapy has been extremely helpful. Jackie is very nice and professional. I encourage anyone in need of therapy to make an appointment."
Oct 25, 2016
"I was first referred to OrthoSports by Northtowns Orthopedics. I have used used their services on and off over the years and I highly recommend them to everyone. Most recently I had a knee replacement and needed their expertise. They took wonderful care of me as always. They are very knowledgeable, friendly and caring and I have always had GREAT results. If I ever need physical therapy in the future you can rest assured this is the place I will go."
Oct 10, 2016
"I heard about your group from my PA at Dr. Giardino's office. I have been very happy with the attention to detail and the personal service."
Sep 08, 2016
"Jackie was definitely played a big part in my recovery. Still recovering but with her help I'm well on my way. Staff is very comforting and easy to talk to as well."
Sep 07, 2016
"Am I comfortable with the therapy am getting, being a member since for ever, the therapist are very nice and helpful, and I appreciate ur place."
Sep 02, 2016
"Polite, attentive service. Both receptionist and PT."
Sep 01, 2016
"Ms. Jacquie was very patient and straight to the point. She did some new techniques and I walked out feeling a little better."
Aug 15, 2016
"Ms. Davidson was very helpful, very caring and tolerant also. I'm very satisfied with her skills and am now able to resume my normal activities!"
Aug 15, 2016
"Good I am satisfied"
Aug 15, 2016
"I had a very good experience with my treatment. they helped me get my broken ankle back in shape quickly. I would not hesitate to go back to them in the futher ifi need them. Robert f smith"
Jul 27, 2016
"I was having headches for the past 6 months and I came to see Craig and he worked them out and gave me the best advice if they start up again.Craig is very patient, and polite. He is knowledgeable, and answers questions effectively. He seems to enjoy what he does, and gets satisfaction from helping his patients improve. I am thankful that I found this company, and decided to select this location."
Jul 26, 2016
"My experience with Peter has had tremendous results. When I came in I hardly was able to bring a coffee cup to my mouth - I had tons of pain in my shoulder. Within a short period of time, Peter and his staff were able to get enough movement in my shoulder that I can not only pick up my coffee cup painlessly but I can even loop my belt around my back. This is not the first time I have used Orthosports. I had been a patient using the aquatic therapy that gave me the ability to move my back, and be productive.To me they are almost like miracle workers.Thank you Peter and Linda, you've been there for me. William M."
Jul 25, 2016
"I just completed my second shoulder rehab at the Harlem Rd location. I highly recommend Orthosports. The staff is friendly, knowledgable and professional. Peter and Linda helped me stay on track to a successful outcome. I would consider going anywhere else for physical therapy."
Jul 22, 2016
"These are great people to work with when you need PT services. Peter, Donna and crew are knowledgeable and compassionate, explain what they are doing in an understandable manner, and keep the atmosphere friendly. They worked steadily and methodically to successfully relieve a compressed cervical disc discomfort which I was experiencing. They made the experience as pleasant as it could be!"
Jun 16, 2016
"Thank you Craig for helping me heal and after all the tools including ice pacs all helped me recover. Most important I thank you for your calmness, kindness and gentleness."
Jun 13, 2016
"Fantastic. Craig was the best therapist I could have asked for! I would reccomend to anybody!"
Jun 10, 2016
"I am a D1 rower at the University at Buffalo and, after winter break, was experiencing back pain and other symptoms due to weak hips and back. Thankfully, I came to Orthosports and was helped greatly by Peter Young and staff. Everyone was always so friendly and kind during my visits, and it was nice to have a physical therapist who understood the concept of rowing and was so knowledgeable in his field. Not only is Pete intelligent, but also down to earth, and really makes you feel like you are his only patient when working with him. Pete and the staff always made me feel comfortable and helped me to really understand what was going on with my body. I am forever grateful for them as they have helped me progress in getting back to normal and allowing me to do what I love!! They are the best of the best, there's no doubt about that!!!"
Jun 06, 2016
"When I developed a problem with my right knee, the Dr. gave me three choices; Surgery, a Cortisone shot or physical therapy. I chose physical therapy and immediately contacted OrthoSposrts. After a few visits, Peter and his crew had reduced the pain, increased my mobility and fully explained what was going on. I am now doing the exercises they recommended on my own and continue to see improvement. However, if needed, I will not hesitate to go back for additional treatment. Thank you OrthoSports!"
Jun 06, 2016
"After straining my rotator cuff, simple activities were painful. A visit to the doctor followed by therapy with Peter and his team and I am back to enjoying pain free activities. The purpose behind each exercise was explained, they answered all my questions and we gradually built back to normal."
Jun 01, 2016
"I came is serious and constant back pain. The staff was able relief my pain and treat my back issues over a series of a couple weeks. They answered my questions honestly and were able to give steps to do at home to speed up my recovery. The pain is almost gone and lessens everyday. I can now resume my normal activities."
May 31, 2016
"I had a very good experience here. I was referred here by an orthopedic surgeon because they offer hydrotherapy. The therapists were all very good. The waiting times were minimal if at all. It was not a problem getting appointments. My condition improved."
May 10, 2016
"My husband and I belong to the MOG in Clarence, NY. The facility and the staff are outstanding. They take a great interest in you and what you are doing. They are careful to make sure you are doing everything correctly. I would recommend this facility to anyone."
May 03, 2016
"Coming to Dr. Chris has improved my mobility. I'm doing much better."
Apr 28, 2016
"I like coming, nice atmosphere and encouragement. Nice greeting smile, will talk to the patients. Enjoying doing exercises."
Apr 28, 2016
"I think that you do a wonderful, awesome job of getting my body back into working order and in shape to deal with my necessary and daily activities."
Apr 28, 2016
"I injured my foot working out. Test results showed tendonitis. The doctor prescribed 4 weeks of PT. I went to the Harlem Rd office. Everyone was wonderful, courteous, and attentive. They had very accommodating hours especially with my long work hours. I loved that they called me by name. My foot responded well to the therapy. After 5 weeks I hardly feel any pain. This was a great experience! Thank you all."
Apr 20, 2016
"OrthoSports was recommended by a friend. I worked with Craig at the Main Street location. The staff is friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. They have up to date techniques and listen to your concerns and what you expect. They care and take time with you. I had knee surgery and the rehab there was great. I highly recommend OrthoSports and will go back if I need rehab in the future."
Apr 18, 2016
"I have been very impressed with the whole operation at Orthosports. Each therapist I worked with is very knowledgeable although I especially liked working with Peter Young. He is tough on manipulating my knee joint and gives me a nice variety of exercises to strengthen my right leg (joint). I'm planning on using the office for a year- long exercise program to improve my mobility and strength."
Apr 14, 2016
"OrthoSports P.T. Team is great. They are so knowledgeable, compassionate and friendly. As a 67 year old female working in manufacturing jobs, between the P.T. doing stretches on me and doing them at home, I am pain free from my neck, back and leg. Thank you OrthoSports for helping me!"
Apr 11, 2016
"I've been going for several months (with some serious problems) after no progress elsewhere. I wish I had come here sooner but at least now I'm seeing positive results!"
Mar 31, 2016
"Very pleasant place Orthosports in Buffalo. They really care and work with you. I had surgery for a torn rotor cuff. Been coming around 3 months, going to miss coming but they worked with me now im just about ready to go back to work. Thank you and your staff. Shoulder is so much better."
Mar 17, 2016
"I saw Peter and Linda for my physical therapy after surgery on my right arm at the Amherst OrthoSports. was very pleased with the therapy."
Mar 16, 2016
"I went to Orthosports in Amherst after rotatory cuff repair. Peter & Linda were great helping me to regain full use of the arm. My pain is gone & I am able to do more than I ever thought possible. I highly recommend Orthosports Physical Therapy."
Mar 16, 2016
"Use of workout machines are almost always available and it is good to have knowledgeable and friendly staff."
Mar 09, 2016
"Very helpful staff and use of quite a lot of equipment to work out on. I like the personal touch with the card activated machines."
Mar 09, 2016
"Orthosports in Williamsville is great! I have been to both locations for physical therapy for my back and at another time for my shoulder. Both Peter and Wayne are outstanding physical therapists along with all the staff, especially Jay. My husband and I exercise at the MOG gym at the Williamsville location, and we really enjoy it. Everyone is friendly and very helpful. I would highly recommend Orthosports!"
Mar 09, 2016
"I have been coming to Orthosports for 16 years. The staff has been very supportive and has helped me through some very extensive injuries. I cannot say enough good things about everyone here."
Mar 04, 2016
"My first visit to Orthosports was for a back problem. I have since been treated for a number of conditions but mainly RA. The pool therapy has really helped me to be more flexible and have less pain. My doctor was going to put me on medicine for high cholesterol but I exercised in the pool twice a week and got my cholesterol down. I am happy that I will not have to take more medicine. Thanks Orthosports for having the pool for me to exercise in. I love it and look forward to coming."
Mar 03, 2016
"On two different occasions, several years apart, Donna helped me recover from ankle fusion surgeries. I did not have the initial ankle fusion surgery until almost 40 years after the car accident that destroyed my ankle, so not only did I need to recover from the surgery itself, I needed to learn how to walk correctly again because I had been favoring my right side for decades. It was not a fast learning process, but Donna and her colleagues were unyielding in their compassion, encouragement, and expertise. Five years later I endured a second ankle fusion surgery, and there was no doubt in my mind that I would go back to Donna and the OrthoSportsPT team for assistance. They helped preserve my mobility, for which I am profoundly thankful."
Mar 03, 2016
"Peter helped my vertigo I will let everyone know about Orthosports and the great job they do to get you back to feeling great again."
Mar 03, 2016
"My husband, teenage son and I have all been to Orthosports in Williamsville. My husband and I both had similar neck issues and Peter helped us tremendously. My son has had surgery on both his legs and has worked with Peter and the staff for many years. I know that the therapy was instrumental in him gaining more balance, mobility and strength. We would all highly recommend anyone looking for a therapist to give them a try."
Mar 02, 2016
"I have been seen by Peter, Donna, Linda, and Jay for my knee, ankle and Achilles. They explained each exercise and they spend as much time as you need with your care. I have recommended and will continue to recommend Orthosports to friends and family. I completed my therapy and am continuing with the wellness program. A great place before and after your surgery."
Mar 01, 2016
"I first started coming to Orthosports Physical Therapy in Jan. of 2015 when I started experiencing pain in both of my legs. Within the 2nd visit the therapist I was working with informed me that the pain I was having was really a lower back issue so he designed a therapy plan to work on my problem. His plan helped to ease the pain somewhat but the bigger problem was that I needed surgery on my lower back to correct the problem. So I had surgery in Oct. and once I was able to see a therapist I headed right back to Orthosports Physical Therapy. And now I am ending my 8 weeks treatment with them and I am completely satisfied with the treatment I received there and looking forward to going back to work."
Mar 01, 2016
"I have been a patient at the Main St. Office for several problems over the years. Care at Orthosports is truly individualized. You are not just given a list of exercises to do on your own. The therapist spends time with you at each session, assisting, encouraging and monitoring your progress. The office runs smoothly and is spotless. When I first needed therapy, several friends strongly recommended Orthosports. I am so glad they did! I recommend them to everyone I know who needs PT services."
Feb 28, 2016
"I have been to Orthosports many times to treat running injuries: Planter fasciitis, IT band, and hamstring. All the staff at Orthosports are extremely professional, friendly, and efficient. I have never had to wait for my appointment. And often times I've been squeezed in on the day that I've called. Donna my PT, is highly skilled and uses the latest treatment therapies( astim)...my injuries heal faster and more thoroughly after visiting Orthosports! I am still running today because of them!"
Feb 28, 2016
"Awesome PT, Everyone is very nice and helpful here at the Amherst office, the therapist here were very concerned with my returning to complete health after my disc replacement. They are very equipped here with water therapy options. They are open early and late for before work and after work hours. Please give them a try you will not be disappointed.. Thank You ORTHOSPORTS. ...Robin B"
Feb 26, 2016
"This place is amazing! The people are wonderful and very professional!"
Feb 26, 2016
"Very professional, friendly, and fantastic results. Thank you!"
Feb 26, 2016
"I have never been to a better Physical Therapist office that OrthoSports The Physical Therapists at OrthoSports always take plenty of time to explain what is going on with my body in a way that's easy to understand. If you are in any sort of back or neck pain, OrthoSports is the place to go!"
Feb 25, 2016
"I came to Orthosports Williamsville for a hip issue. After a full evaluation and a few weeks of therapy I'm doing much better. Craig was very helpful and got me back on track."
Feb 25, 2016
"I highly recommend Orthosports. They are caring and work hard to get you feeling great again. They work with you to get the best outcomes for your health. I will never go anywhere else for any rehab."
Feb 25, 2016
"I came to Orthosports on Harlem Rd. after a difficult experience at another facility. I had an atypical ankle injury which, I was told, was made worse by my therapy. When I was referred here, I immediately noticed a difference in the atmosphere. Donna personalized my treatment plan based on my condition and my goals. The combination of aqua therapy, hands-on treatment and independent exercise enabled me to heal completely. I have returned twice more since then for different knee injuries and have worked with Linda, Peter and Jelani. There's no question that I will return to Orthosports again if I need PT in the future. The individualized care and camaraderie among-st patients and staff is something I have not witnessed elsewhere and definitely made therapy more bearable."
Feb 25, 2016
"I started Physical Therapy with Orthosports Amherst after 2nd Back Surgery. The water has been the reason for my mobility my flexibility and some paid reduction.The staff is excellent and helpful and will try different things to make sure you received the absolute best rehabilitation that is needed for your functionality."
Feb 25, 2016
"I came to Orthosports PT in Amherst for back problems. Peter & Linda helped me to feel better. My pain is much better & I am not stiff anymore. I highly recommend Orthosports PT"
Feb 24, 2016
"I have been very satisfied with my treatments at Orthosports. The staff is wonderful. Peter is amazing. They have helped me through a knee replacement, shoulder pain and neck pain. The pool is especially great - it's so warm!"
Feb 24, 2016
"First time at Orthosports. Very happy with the staff. Would highly recommend Orthosports to others."
Feb 23, 2016
"Ever since I first went to Orthosport for my ankle and then returned for my shoulder and neck area, they've been my go-to! The staff listens carefully, evaluates, and works with you while bringing you back to feeling 100%. They are caring, friendly and understanding!"
Feb 20, 2016
"My name is Dianna,I had therapy at the Harlem Rd.office.Therapy was for back and shoulder injury. I have great results, no pain. When I started I could hardly move without pan. Thanks to Petter and the staff."
Feb 19, 2016
"My name is Jewel and I live in the city of Buffalo and is a patient at Ortho Sports in Amherst. I had a total knee replacement done in 2015 and came here for treatment. I worked with Peter and Linda and the treatment I was received was amazing! I am now able to bend and extend my leg to the fullest and is very happy with the treatment. In the same year I received a second total knee replacement and of course Ortho Sport was where I would go for treatment. I am forever grateful for the care that was given to me and I would recommend this company to anyone who needs any type of physical therapy care. This company is #1 on my list for physical therapy care!!!"
Feb 19, 2016
"I like the way they work with you and tell you what is going to help you."
Feb 19, 2016
"They've always taken good care of me! I always recommend Orthosports to anyone I talk to who are considering any kind of rehab."
Feb 18, 2016
"I was referred to Orthosports Amherst by my orthopedist, with his strongest recommendation. His confidence was not misplaced, as I have found the entire experience to have been as pleasant as I could have hoped for (given the unfortunate accident that caused the whole situation!). Peter and Jay have been both professional and personable, and their easy manner in communicating each exercise has made me more appreciative of the progress I have made in my recovery to normal movement!"
Feb 18, 2016
"BEST PT I ever had recommend to come here."
Feb 18, 2016
"Donna Gulick is a wonderful therapist doing a much needed service for women such as I with lymphedema. It's a long drive for me to get here but it's well worth it. I wish she could have an office in the south towns. There aren't nearly enough people performing this service for lymphedema patients. Thank you Donna.."
Feb 17, 2016
"I highly recommend Orthosports for physical therapy. The staff is courteous and flexible to your needs. Donna is helping me a great deal with shoulder and upper arm issues after bilateral masectomy."
Feb 17, 2016
"Everyone that works at Orthosports is very patient with me. They know how to guide me with proper exercise, etc. That makes all of the difference for every joint in my body. I'm there 5 days a week and it's worth every one, and I love it!"
Feb 17, 2016
"Just over three years ago I started Physical Therapy with Peter. Wow! I'm so pleased that I recommend OrthoSports to everyone I know and I'm also a current member Of their Gym-MOG. Here I have found the most compassionate Therapists and staff eager to facilitate solutions to your needs. I highly recommend and adore this place."
Feb 17, 2016
"I came to Orthosports for a sprained ankle in Amherst. Had me walking down stairs in no time. I would highly recommend them. Very good experience for my first time needing therapy!"
Feb 16, 2016
"The very first time that I came to Orthosports, I felt a warm welcome. They were the friendliest group of people. I had, and still have a great experience with them because when you walk in, you can't even let the seat get warm, because you're being called right away... Lol... The therapist talks to you, asks you how you are feeling, and you come in feeling bad, but his goal is to make you feel great when you leave, and that's how I feel when I leave. He is also the greatest at explaining and breaking down what is wrong with you. I have been to several specialists, and left out of the doctors office clueless... Peter has a way of explaining to you, so you can then explain to others what is wrong with you instead of telling people, I don't know. Great experiences here, and I highly recommend anyone to come here. They won't be disappointed."
Feb 12, 2016
"I've been coming here to Orthosports PT in Williamsville for many years now, because I've had many issues with my legs. Peter, Mary, Jelani and all of the staff here made me feel extremely comfortable and worked with me personally to help me meet all of my therapy goals. I recommend Orthosports PT to everyone and I love it here!!!"
Feb 10, 2016
"The downtown office is very convenient, friendly staff and atmosphere, no wait time and they take you right away. Personal attention and a nice handsome doctor."
Feb 05, 2016
"On my first day of vacation in Maine I fell down several stairs and fractured my ankle. I had an operation to stabilize the ankle. I returned to Amherst, NY & remained under my doctors care until he released me to begin physical therapy. Orthosports Physical Therapy was highly recommended by two friends to Peter Young at Orthosports, Amherst. I was able to get an appointment immediately and started my journey to walk again. Their caring, professionalism, availability and expert knowledge of treatment resulted in my never having a problem, nor any pain. I have continued to come for wellness three times a week, and I have seen many other patients in their journey to wellness."
Feb 04, 2016
"I chose Orthosports after getting surgery on my shoulder. The employees were very courteous and were easy to get a long with and the rehab that they provided me with was excellent. It has a very convenient location for me and I would strongly recommend others to come and try it out."
Feb 04, 2016
"I had a great experience with Orthosports. Lower acute back pain is almost gone."
Feb 03, 2016
"I live in Clarence and have worked with Peter from time time for the last 10 years. It has been 4 years since my last visit. I feel Peter has been very helpful explaining my current back and leg problems and addressing a plan to eliminate and/or significantly reduce the pain I have."
Feb 03, 2016
"Came to Orthosports with a chronic back and hip issue. Both problems were solved. Very friendly and professional staff."
Feb 03, 2016