Kelly H.

As a ten year member of the United States Ski Team and a two time National Champion in the sport of Freestyle Skiing Aerials, I suffered a serious injury during a World Cup event held in China. Eight weeks before the Olympic Games I fractured my left femur into three pieces. On December 16, 2005 my athletic career came to a quick stop. On January 17, 2006, I came to Orthosports to begin my extensive rehabilitation. I chose Orthosports because of their high quality of service, their care for people, experience, professionalism, and their facility. Working in the pool for water therapy has been absolutely amazing. The pool program allowed me to gain movement helping me to progress much faster with my rehab. With the help from physical therapists Peter Young and Donna Gulick, I am continuing to gain my strength back. Together, we are looking forward to putting me back on the top of the World! As an elite athlete, I highly recommend Orthosports for your therapy. Thank you for all of your help Peter, and Donna.

Speedy recovery, good health, and best wishes to all that are rehabilitating!

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