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Aquatic Therapy

Specializing in Orthopedics,
Sports and Spine Rehabilitation

Specializing in Orthopedics,
Sports and Spine Rehabilitation

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Specializing in Orthopedics,
Sports and Spine Rehabilitation

Managing diabetes can be challenging, but we can help you learn to manage blood sugar through regular exercise. Understanding the patterns of your personal blood sugar changes and how insulin affects your body can free you to live a life you may never have thought possible. People with diabetes can safely exercise at the M.O.G. with close tracking of blood sugar responses. Whether it be diabetic neuropathies, hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia, our medically trained staff will work closely with your physician to maintain safe levels during exercise. We are dedicated to assisting in the management of your blood sugars and will consult with your physician to ensure that the safest and most effective levels are attained. Our ultimate goal is a reduction in your need for diabetic medications due to the amazingly therapeutic effect of exercise on your blood sugar.

Our program includes:
Treatment by Physician Referral
Evaluations by Physical Therapist and Clinical Exercise Physiologist
Symptom Management
Blood Sugar Tracking Guidance and Documentation
Cardiovascular Equipment to Treat Diabetic Neuropathies
Regular Communication with Physician on Blood Sugar Trends

You can't get that at an ordinary gym.